Critical Care Assist Private Ambulance service is an upmarket service provider and leader in the field that has consistently achieved a recognised high standard of service excellence. The Critical Care Assist team of Emergency Services Specialists have over 40 year of practical experience in the Emergency Services field. We take pride in delivering the highest level of service excellence and commitment to all our clients.

Critical Care Assist has a highly skilled training division which is focused on training individuals and equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge required to successfully undertake the tasks required of them.

Critical Care Assist Private Ambulance Service was established in October 2014 in Gauteng area and is focused on delivering highly effective and efficient Emergency Medical Services and Health & Safety to both the Private and Public Sector. Critical Care Assist also efficiently satisfies the ever-growing need for an affordable and professional quality Emergency Medical Service to the public.

Critical Care Assist in terms of their Social Justice initiative provides Medical and Health Education to previously disadvantaged communities.


  • Vision & Mission


Our vision is to provide the best, market leading, dedicated and excellent professional emergency medical services to assist patients/clients throughout any experience. To ensure a high standard of service delivery throughout any circumstance.

Our mission is to provide, a sustainable, highly skilled, professional, yet affordable private ambulance and event medical service that meets the dynamic market needs of society and to care for the sick and injured with compassion and dignity. We will maintain our standards and those individuals that we train by continuing training of equipping and protocols. The necessary skills and knowledge to provide to the individual to perform the required levels of medical assistance when performing duties.

The mission of Critical Care 911 is to give all our clients/patients the highest quality service cost effectively.